Penerima Surat

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Beggars of Knowledge

  •  My brothers, I'd keen to strengthen our brotherhood, friendship and ukhuwah. For those same like me, just a couple of weeks ago registered for the 1st semester at universities or colleges or wherever you attend for your education, I am happy to say congrats and  felicitaci├│!!!. 

  •  My brothers, when you enter the institutions what your first opinion on that situation? You might be proud of that moment because it was a remarkable situation you ever got trough. Or you felt "I'm glad to be an undergraduate student." Anyway, you're true. You are now a MAHASISWA. A professional want to be.  
  • Still in our scope of discussion, university is a place for hungry peoples in order to gain knowledge. They respect any scholars who teach them to be educated person. They do research, initiate educational discussion, thinking progressively. 

  • These are process. We no need to make it seems like crazy things to be accomplished. But, we're in real world, perfection is maybe not relevant as our main objective. The word suits with us is 'attempt'. Yes, we try to excel in our businesses. For the first try you may determine no success but later on you find it in your tears. That's old man called it as sacrifice. You sacrifice one thing you'll find more better than everything. Even the best, insya Allah. 

  • Update yourself in all 5 solat. Recites doa' and keep in bonding with your families and remember we're brothers.

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