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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Visit to Akademik Binaan Malaysia(ABM)


Yesterday we left lecture hall for a visit to Akademik Binaan Malaysia(ABM). We are exposed to practical construction in term of real world. There we learned about bricks wall, interior design, tiles, injection process in buildings in order to overcome d.p.m problem as well as reinforcement. We're satisfied immensely, although the time very limited. The teachers there, very kind and explained each jobs properly like we're their students.

It's not easy but this familiar to me. My Abah always practices DIY includes this job. Sometimes, I help him.

Bricks commonly use are clay bricks and sand/cement bricks. There I've got an interesting info. You know, if a building with clay bricks wall is caught on fire the plaster which covers the bricks will collapse because it doesn't has strong adhesion. But if a building with cement bricks wall on fire the plaster will not collapse -as the adhesion is very strong between bricks and plaster-, when it reaches very high temperature, the cement bricks will break down and it'll be an explosion. It's looking dangerous. But the cheapest is the cement bricks.

Injection process. Very practical method.

Reinforcement. Two guys there looking the reinforcement. Can they do it(reinforcement)? The  girls said it's impossible.
Hopefully, we will go there again next time. We didn't have enough time to discover all parts especially IBS Gallery. 

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