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Saturday, May 15, 2010

One Way.

Ramai muke2 baru yang tak dikenali. Except 2 orang public figure kat smkas yg tercongok ni. ha3... Whatever pon gud luck my friends at SMKAS. My friends at matrix, foundation courses and poli. also IPG insya Allah, pray for our succed. Some my friends that got JPA or Mara Scholarship for going abroad, congrate to them. We are going to study for our ambition. When we meet again in the next  10  years  we  would satisfy with what way that had been choiced by us. We should contact each others from  now for better ukhuwah. Gud....gud...gud friends.

1 comment:

LYnNlUv said...

tahniah utk batch korg yg sgt excellent..
btw..spe dak batch korg yg akan fly?