Penerima Surat

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I can't believe it. And I can't accept it as a true fact. Some of us still upset with our universities. Commonla... They just judge a book by it cover. I believe some of us describe this as an issues. Local universities drop in the ranking. What they know about us. 
We could ask them, why other universities are not list down. There are millions of universities but they just put down about 200 universities. Okay, we should respect their job but what I want to focus here is why some of us still believe this ranking and make it as a benchmark of a university.
Moreover 40% of the marking score is peer review. It's look, they took a surface view. It 's not specific and far apart from the truth quality. Some of us that I mention involving the high level education group. 
I have my own quote. A bird can't do anything in a cage. It have to free to fly. Not fly to free. It's mean we must to change our thinking's style to free from negative thinking. If we believe what other people said about us we'll stress and not free. So, how we could fly if not free and stress. Don't believe other peoples. Believe ourselves. Ha..ha..ha....

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